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I believe in a holistic, fluid approach to business strategy, focusing on providing the best customer experience possible.


Living on the edge is my comfort zone. Let's go beyond the traditional borders of marketing. 


Together, we will develop a brand that best represents you and speaks to your customers. 



Hello! Thanks for being here -- I'm a marketer, entrepreneur and business strategist located in Reno, Nevada. My passion for marketing and entrepreneurship runs deep as a result of my own journey founding my first startup during college. I enjoy bringing the power of marketing and branding to my clients both locally and globally.

I spend my days helping people find their voice, craft their message and shine a light on their business. I combine my psychology, business and marketing background to help clients discover their own brand and purpose. When I'm not helping business owners, I'm likely playing outside in the Sierras. The restorative surrounding nature of the West helps me maintain my spiritual practice.


Marketing strategy can get complicated. Let's take a step towards making things more simple. Together we will throw out the old playbook and develop a fresh new perspective of your brand. I like to think of myself as a deep thinker, full of passion, energy and warmth. I've got a collaborative style of working and strive to spread marketing beyond the "borders" of where it had been before. ​I take joy in empowering my clients and helping them create the marketing toolkit they need to ignite their business.​ Informed decisions are the only kind I like to make. It’s a chain reaction: research spawns strategy, strategy spawns campaign development and implementation, and informed decisions come full circle when post-campaign research tells us what worked and what didn’t. And most importantly, it takes a village. More than just a consultant -- I'm ready to work side-by-side and be another member of the team. 

Lesley Lupo

Author & Intuitive Healer

Frances is talented, creative, and listens to my needs better than anybody I’ve met. Instead of her giving me what she thinks I should have, she gets to know my style and taste and gives me a product that throughly reflects me. "


Regina Tingle 

Duende Retreats

Frances is a firecracker.

She will look at what you’ve got and tell you not only what you need but help you get there with ease.  I plan on keeping Frances close for a long, long while! 

Gina Mastroluca 

Learn Living Ayurveda

It’s been great to work with Fran; she’s responsive, capable, and professional. She takes the time to get to know us and set us on a path to expand our reach. She freely shares her knowledge and insights --- I’ve learned so much.


Frances Weiner, MBA



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